Talks and Lectures

Please contact me if you are interested using the contact form below or via email at (replace the AT with an @ in your email otherwise it won’t work).

Mechanical Landscapes – Exploring the Industrial North

This thought-provoking talk is approximately 90 minutes and is a wander through the remnants of the northern industrial landscape. Covering a diverse selection of sites such as the enormous slate quarries of Snowdonia, abandoned textile mills in Lancashire and Yorkshire, a disused underground coal mine, the bizarre landscapes of active steelworks, beached passenger ships, as well as unique views of the inside of derelict cooling towers, this talk is somewhat different from the majority of camera club talks. The images are predominantly black and white, with splashes of colour.

Digital (Pictures to exe on Windows, NOT Mac)

Areas Covered
50 mile / 1 hour radius of Chorley in Lancashire. I will consider talks further afield, but I am in full time employment so I am not in a position to travel long distances during the week.

Weekday evening talks – flat fee of £50 (includes whatever mileage I incur).
Weekend talks – minimum of £75, dependent on distance, etc.

Upcoming talks
I am delighted to have been invited to speak at the following clubs on these dates:

-Nantwich Camera Club, Tuesday 27th February 2018
-Accrington Camera Club, Friday 9th March 2018
-Halifax Photographic Society, Tuesday 24th April 2018

Past talks
I have also had the pleasure of speaking at the following clubs:
-Blackburn Camera Club, 24th February 2014
-Leyland Photographic Society, 14th May 2014
-Hebden Bridge CC, Wednesday 8th October 2014
-Bingley CC, Monday 8th December 2014
-Batley Camera Club, Tuesday 10th March 2015
-Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club, Wednesday 18th March 2015
-Darwen Camera Club, Monday 24th August 2015
-Atherton and District Amateur Photographic Society, Thursday 10th September 2015
-Burnley Camera Club, Tuesday 6th October 2015
-Lancaster Photographic Society, Wednesday 3rd February 2016
-Penrith Camera Club, Saturday 12th March 2016
-Burnley Camera Club, Tuesday 4th October 2016
-Holme and District Photographic Society, Friday 21st October 2016
-Leyland Photographic Society, Wednesday 23rd November 2016
-Blackburn Camera Club, Monday 28th November 2016
-Bacup Camera Club, Wednesday 18th January 2017
-St.Helens Camera Club, Monday 13th February 2017
-Oldham Photographic Society – Thursday 2nd March 2017
-SRGB Photo Group, Tuesday April 18th 2017
-Bolton Camera Club, Thursday 22nd June 2017
-Lincolnshire Monochrome, Sunday 2nd July 2017
-Rochdale and District Camera Club, 22nd August 2017
-Settle Photographic Group, Monday 18th September 2017
-Ribblesdale Camera Club, Tuesday 17th October 2017
-Preston Photographic Society, Thursday 2nd November 2017

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