My Bio

Andy Marland is the photographer behind the and http://www.mechanicallandscapes websites and this blog. Working as a Quality Specialist in the aerospace industry, Andy is a regular visitor to engineering works and other factories across the country as part of his day job, while photographing the industrial and mechanical landscape in his own time.

Holding a degree in manufacturing engineering, Andy is also a Chartered Engineer with the IET and with a lifetime spent around all things mechanical and industrial, it is no surprise that his favoured photographic subjects are largely man made. Growing up in the industrial northwest of England, Andy’s fascination with the industrial landscape began at an early age, and has stayed with him ever since.

Andy launched his website in 2007, and this has since had more than 2 million pageviews. Originally hosting a portfolio of his better work, it quickly became a gallery of Andy’s industrial explorations, and his other passion, steam railways. In 2008, Andy launched this blog to accompany theviewfromthenorth, initially on blogspot, before moving to wordpress in 2009. The blog is an often irreverent look at the things and places that Andy photographs, as well as his thoughts on composition and photograpic creativity.

In 2011, Andy’s portfolio of this industrial landscape work was awarded the ARPS distinction by the Royal Photographic Society, and a portfolio for the prestigious FRPS distinction is currently being prepared.

Andy’s work has appeared (twice) in Amateur Photographer and has been published in other books and magazines.

Andy lives with his wife, and daughter in Chorley, in the northwest of England.


Feel free to link to my blog, but DO NOT steal my photographs or my articles. They are my copyright, and I will not accept any form of commercial use without my permission. Please contact me via the comments boxes on the blog posts, or via my website.


2 thoughts on “My Bio

    • Cheers Derek, hope you are well, sorry to hear about what happened at Sayers but I don’t think anyone really trusted Lyndale foods and their way of doing business. I wasn’t there in total for more than 3 years but have some great memories of the time I was there, especially the people I worked with. Andy


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