#481 – Millscapes Exhibition Preparation 3

I’d previously visited the museum and photographed and measured the gallery space. Having precise measurements had been both a burden and a godsend for my previous exhibitions, and in the end, I decided that there was more than enough room and it would fit, one way or another!

Saddleworth Dimensions 1

What I always do when laying out any portfolio, book or exhibition, is to get a load of small prints and spread them out on the floor. I can then see the visual relationships between not only adjacent images, but also as a whole. One wall is a clear flat wall and this is where I will display the 20 images in the ‘original’ frames. The other wall is interrupted by two pillars, however this does allow for natural breaks and becomes the logical place to have a mix of larger and smaller images. However, rather as my selection of images was limited, it was a case of having to do a best fit. Previously, image selection was linked to layout and I did the two hand in hand but the circumstances here were a little different. But I still came up with something I was reasonably happy with even if it lacked a tangible visual narrative.

But the map is not the territory! When I got there I noticed that there were no hanging rails on the pillars, and that when on the walls the larger frames still looked a little lost, while the medium size frames all looked bunches up together. So an ad hoc reshuffle was required.


I’ve learned from past experience that you do your own promotion!

The poster was based on the one I’d used for my previous exhibitions. It was based on a rough design by myself and then made to look more professional by my sister who is a  graphic designer for a major media company.

Once done, I used this as the basis of my publicity on the various places I inhabit the internet (this blog, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, The View From The North, Mechanical Landscapes the Talk Photography forum and even my occasionally used Twitter account) well as by the museum on their website. I also made contact with the local camera club where I recently did a talk, and uploaded it to the website of Redeye, the northwest Photographic Network that I am a member of.

A3 prints of the poster were produced and put up in the museum to capture the attention of passing foot traffic. Next step will be to put up a few posters in suitable locations round the Saddleworth area such as libraries, etc.



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