#454 – Shadows of the North website


Although I already have two (paid for) websites and two (free) blogs, I’ve decided to build another one, which is a website using a free WordPress blog as its platform. It was mainly to see how quickly it would take to put a website together for a group I’m a member of (answer – surprisingly quickly although I’ve been using WordPress for a good few years now so I know my way round), but it looks quite good, so I’ve kept it going as a showcase for my northern mill images.

If I was starting out with theviewfromthenorth.org today, this is probably the option I’d take, but back in 2007 I knew nothing about websites and Photium allowed me to get a respectable looking website online quickly, and it’s served me well ever since. I’d never even heard of WordPress at the time!

So this is Shadows of the North, I bought shadowsofthenorth.com a couple of years ago and I may yet pay the £8 a year to formalise it as the url for the website, but at the moment it’s just as is. The template is a bit limiting, but it’s a free one, so that’s what you get. It looks ok though.



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