#212 – Derelict Mills – Part 2 Bailey Mill

Sometimes windows of opportunity open and you happen to be in the right place at the right time. This was the case when I explored Bailey Mill in Delph in 2007. I’d seen a couple of report on the place on 28 Days Later, and got in touch with the last person to explore it….

#211 – Derelict Mills – Part 1 Bradshaw Works

Printing & Steaming Building. Much of the foreground was cleared of buildings in the 1960’s. The buildings here were the Making Up, Stitching & Damping Room, and the Colour and Roller Store Growing up in the magnificent Lancashire town of Bolton, I was surrounded by the derelict and decaying remnants of the towns textile industry….

#210 – Using black and white, using colour.

It struck me recently that I probably convert too many of my photos to rblack and white. I got to thinking why that was and I remembered back to when I was putting my RPS portfolio together, and I was advised not to mix colour and black and white. I noticed as well that many…

#209 – Tornado!

Couldn’t resist posting this from the Southport Air Show – I’ve been trying to get a photo like this of the vapour coming off a fast jet wing for years and never really managed it. However, for this, all the planets seemed to be in alignment, and I finally managed to capture it! Chuffed! Hopefully…