#66 – it doesn’t always go according to plan… (part 3)

Somewhere in this valley is a quarry that was abandoned in the 1920’s, complete with steam crane and some railway track. Unfortunately I’ve no idea where.

I’d seen a report on a forum containing some pictures from the 70’s, and a search on geograph eventually showed me where it was. However, with all the recent snow, I’d put off going. But, with the snow now gone and several days of rain and more forecast, I decided to go and explore.

The sleet started as I entered the Trough of Bowland, and increased as I started driving up some pretty big hills. There were signs that there had been significant snow recently, with some white stuff still spotted round at the side of the road, but nothing to worry about. However, when I entered the valley which I was seeking, the pale green pastures started turning white, and as I got further up, so did the road. An ungritted single track road on the side of a valley with no crash barriers is not a good place to be. Furthermore, I’d completely misunderstood the map – I was in the vicinity, but the landscape was different to what I expected and I was on the wrong side of a steep valley.  The expression ‘the map is not the terrain’ sprang to mind. In a bout of misplaced inspiration, I saw a rock strewn ledge on my side of the valley which looked like it was worth investigating, as geograph has been known to be off.  However, I had not come prepared for walking on snow, and even though I got to where I wanted to go, found there was nothing, then preceded to descend the hill mostly on my arse.

So, I turned the car round (not easy), and headed home. So near yet so far, but I suppose I should regard it as a reconnaissance mission, rather than a failure – at least I know where NOT to find it!

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