#60 – it doesn’t always go according to plan… (part 2)

Following on from my post the other week, I attempted to photograph the Cotton Mills Express again. Right, I thought, I’ll watch it locally, then head out to somewhere more photogenic. So I saw it a couple of miles away from my house (which was further than it got last time – it failed at Preston), then headed off to the Uppermill Viaduct again.

This is why I tend to travel to more scenic locations – I don’t like all the clutter of the overhead wires messing up the scene.

Half an hour after the scheduled time at Uppermill, I’m beginning to wonder. Surely the damn thing’s not failed again? No, twice in two weeks, that’s not likely. Then two gentlemen appear asking if we were there for the train. That’s right, I reply. Ah, it failed at Culceth near Wigan, the taller gent replied, Sounds terminal.

Not again!

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