#29 – Inside Looking Out (3)

Doorway To Oblivion.  Once there would have been a fire escape or walkway to the old Huncoat Power Station that once stood on the huge expanse of wasteland. This was demolished but the office block was kept in use for a few years after, until this to was abandoned. It’s stood empty now for some…

#28 – Inside Looking Out (2)

Three Windows.  Sometimes, things in three’s just work better. I’m sure there’s a link between the composition of this picture and that rule of thirds thing.

#27 – Inside Looking Out (1)

Prestolite. One of the few times I’ve had any success with a single image HDR. I still think it’s a bit overdone though,  just haven’t got round to going back and toning it down.

#26 – Vapour

Two types of cloud, one made by man, and the other made by nature. Taken in January, looking down on Ramsbottoms last paper mill, and one of just a handful left in Lancashire. The local paper industry has been decimated in the last ten years, with many mills closing for good. Not sure how long this…